IOS Upgrades
Please do not upgrade your IOS version during an active project. We take great care to pre-empt problems with upgrades but it can take weeks or even months before IOS bugs are identified and addressed by Apple.
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    03 March 2014
    Version 2, all apps, imminent

Continuity Pro has already exceeded what I thought was possible, thanks to the enduring hard work from Rob Terry at Cistec Apps Development. I have to say a big thank you for his patience here, working with a layman in the truest sense and a make up artist by trade as a development partner must have been an incredibly frustrating experience on occasion. But here we are finally with a truly stable app that is seriously handy on set and capable of dealing with the magnitude of photographs we need if to. There’s a long way to go yet though…

In the short term I want to focus on programming a clearer story order. In version 2.1 we will add a data field for story morning, afternoon and evening as well as creating clocks on costume and art that will order scenes to the minute if we ask it to. Currently whilst the story order doesn’t understand time of day, the scene order doesn’t understand the concept of parts, so that’s also something we’ll input here. The print options also require more work, currently the app prints one picture per page of A4 which I realise isn’t very economical. We’ll be working on a mire economical print format ASAP. We will also be releasing Lighting Continuity Pro with the added feature of being able to annotate and draw diagrams on top of photos and Script Continuity Pro where the user will be able to import .mov files directly into the app.

Longer term my dream is find cloud storage compatible with the app’s API (the code that lets apps understand each other) and with no upload limit. Ideally, app users could rent cloud storage and the app would automatically back up whenever the iPad was in wifi. In theory if this was the case, multiple iPads working on the same project would automatically sync with each other and users would be able to share a link to the continuity file with their director, 2nd/travelling units and finally production at the end of a job. It would be totally secure and of course would mean anyone who forgets to back up manually would be for the most part safe from losing their work. As yet nothing exists that makes this possible, but with the advent of airdrop, Apple are relaxing their limits on data sharing and hopefully more storage companies will develop suitable APIs in future.