Dear Loyal ContinuityPro Users,

It is with great sadness that the our team have decided to remove Continuity Pro in its current form from the App Store.

The code is outdated and we fear will not withstand further IOS updates which are moving on at a rapid pace.

We are very close to being ready to release our new cloud based version which we hope will make storing and syncing continuity across teams that much more convenient, and more importantly reliable.

We have reached the point at which spending time patching up Continuity Pro as it currently exists is both inadequate for users and also slowing down progress on the new version which is desperately needed.

We will still be responding to support enquiries from our users and thank you all so much for bearing with us while we embark on this last push to bring Continuity Pro up to date and ready for the future.

Best wishes,

Cate, Nick and Alex